A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized android from the famous workshops of Ezekiel Rosenstein; C 1865. 3-tone pewter ring with opening eye-lid exposing a realistic, taxidermal eye.
Sizes Available:
Size 8
Size 9.5
Size 11
Size 12
If you want a one of a kind “WOW” piece, Alchemy Gothic is the place to get it. Not only are you getting a unique and quality product, but a finely detailed and crafted piece of timeless artwork.
Our loyal and long-term followers will not have failed to notice the temperamental change in the general appearance of this, our 17th, dedicated ‘Alchemy Gothic’ catalogue – the latest step toward aesthetic trancendence. Prior to this and since 1984 the original collection was established as ‘Alchemy Metal-Wear’; born in the Dark Ages and of the ancient fires of Weyland’s forge – time change, and with it, the evolution of extraordinary design.
Deco Gothique’ is the latest development from Alchemy Studios’ creative minds; a unique fusion between the exotic, classic 1920’s vintage paradigm and the dark recesses of cognitive morbidity. Now, Alchemy 1977, the UK’s all-round alternative lifestyle couturier, offers you its experienced creative craftsmanship and a much enhanced choice to assist you to refine and indulge your own personal tastes.

Automaton's Eye of Ezekiel Rosenstein Ring

Automaton’s Eye of Ezekiel Rosenstein Ring

  • Made In England
  • 5-10 Business Day Ship Time
  • Premium Designed Product
  • Made From Fine English Pewter
  • See description for other available sizes

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